Change Logic

As the Communications Director for Change Logic, a strategic execution consultancy, I produced copy for our website, *pitch pack, blog posts, and e-newsletters.

Create marketing materials that appeal to senior-level executives while still being approachable. 

So What:
A small consultancy that deals with big clients needs a significant online presence where inbound marketing is core to the communications strategy. I'm not a business person, though, so I had to learn the lingo quickly.  I read books, poured over case studies,  and interviewed consultants and clients, to get a better idea of how Change Logic helped organizations improve their strategic execution. I also got to see our consultants in action at Strategic Execution Forums, which was, arguably, the most helpful in understanding the Change Logic process.

Now What:
Change Logic now has a website, blog, twitter feed, LinkedIn Company page, and promotional collateral that better reflects their brand voice and values.  They've gotten solid leads from our communications efforts–leads that have translated directly into dollars.  Click on some of the thumbnails to get a better look. Once you click on a thumbnail, you can click on the photo to take you to the live site and read more copy.

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