Rosetta Stone

I get to do all sorts of copywriting for Rosetta Stone, UK.  In the photos above, you'll find an advertorial that appeared in National Geographic Traveler Magazine, bumpers for Dave TV, tube panels that appeared in the London Underground, and a social media app that allowed people to take a quiz to determine the "International Version" of themselves.

Translate American English in to British English for a British audience.  It might sound ridiculous at first, but it makes complete sense once you dig into it; to paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, we really are separated by a common language. 

So What:
The EU has a lot more competition in the langauge-learning field than the US does, so it was imperative that Rosetta Stone present themselves as the best language-learning program out there. To do that, I had to really understand the program. With that in mind, I used the program to learn Portuguese, a language with which I had no prior experience.  Of course I also studied the Rosetta Stone style guide religiously; but, experiencing the program for myself, interviewing people who had used it with great success, and learning about the various companies and organizations that credit Rosetta Stone with boosting their market presence, I got insights I wouldn't have gotten otherwise, and made the UK communications more effective.

Now What:
Rosetta Stone is now one of the more well-known langauge-learning programs in the UK, and the rest of the EU, thanks to their marketing efforts.  I played (and continue to play, on a freelnace basis) role in raising their brand profile.  I transformed the ebullient AmE to a more pragmatic, grounded BrE so that Rosetta Stone can continue to build their reputation in the UK market. You name it, I probably produced copy for it: tv bumpers, tube panels, case studies, email headers, awards entries...the list goes on.  Click on the examples to see some of the outcomes.