I'm a graphic facilitator. Put simply, I help translate complex ideas into words and images in real time. 

I have an MA in Design Studies (now called MA Applied Imagination – see also: "Design-Thinking") from Central St Martins College of Art and Design and I'm infatuated by the design process. I help all kinds of organizations achieve sustainable growth, learn how to collaborate across disciplines (or business units), and communicate their visions through a combination of visuals and the written word.

Check out a few graphic recordings and other design concepts, read some of my marketing copy, watch a couple of stop-motion animations, or listen to my tunes. The idea is to give you a taste of the types of creative challenges I take on, the tools I use to address them, and the possibillities that emerge as a result. 

Let's see how we can work together. Drop me a line.

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